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TV9 Telugu Live Streaming | Watch TV9 Telugu

TV9 is the most popular Live Telugu news channel in India. Click on the Play icon to watch TV9 Telugu Live Streaming through Youtube.

TV9 Live Telugu News Channel Schedule

Life Line
Life Line is an intuitive Health tele-program. If you have any health or medical related doubts, you can dial a number and speak to expert doctors in a live show. However, your chances for getting line connected are pretty low especially if you are watching TV online

Hot Wheels

This program includes latest automotive reviews including in-depth research on new cars, bikes and other motor vehicles. It is telecasted every Sunday on Live TV9 Telugu News channel.

Death Secrets

Death Secrets unveil theories and controversial conspiracies behind mysterious deaths of eminent personalities. These personalities include celebrities, politicians, actors, sport stars, e.t.c whose death reasons were attributed to mysteries or controversies.

Gadget Guru

As it’s name suggests, it is a program completely dedicated to gadget reviews and analysis. It compares different gadgets including Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, e.t.c. and helps the public make an informed purchase decision.

Sports Watch

If you are sports enthusiast, this program is a tailor-fit for you. It includes live news updates along with score updates of Cricket Matches, IPL, Football, Tennis, Badminton, e.t..c.


It is a short animated comic strip which makes satirical comments on current political situations, politicians and other personalities. It extends only a few minutes and is supported with a popular Telugu background song.


Rahasyam is an interesting show which covers hidden secrets, mysterious and unexplained events across the globe. The anchor of the show clearly explains different theories of explanation behind these events and also provides an analysis.

Along with the above mentioned list, TV9 Telugu Live News features many other programs like Astrology, News at 10, Science Debates, Live Polling Results, e.t.c.

About TV9 Telugu News Channel

It is the leading Telugu 24-hour news channel in India, which was launched back in the year 2004. It is currently owned by Associated Broadcasting Private Limited, a renowned media company. This company initially started out with the Telugu channel and later expanded to Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi.

It is also highly popular in U.S.A, U.A.E and other countries, thanks to YuppTV and other cable providers. Recently, ABPL made TV9 Live Streaming available for free on Youtube. Just scroll to the top of this page to start Live Streaming. It doesn’t require any subscription or payment.